Ignite the Midwest: Top ten outdoor fire table trends for Wisconsin and Minnesota

This is especially true as people are spending more time at home than ever. What better way to make the most of your living space than to turn an old patio or backyard into a place of calm, togetherness and entertainment we can enjoy not just in the spring and summer, but year-round use. 

Saying Goodbye to Firewood

Say yes to less mess. Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners are cutting ties with firewood. It’s cleaner, easier and, best of all, nobody has to test their survival skills to enjoy the evening.

More than ever, midwestern homeowners are taking a pass on the axe, opting instead for more quality time spent with our family relaxing by the fire. People are finding once they make the switch, they don’t really miss chopping, hauling and stacking firewood and disposing of the smelly ashes. Gas-fueled fire tables provide convenience by eliminating age-old chores. Innovations in construction and technology also allow you to light the fire from inside your home. You can enjoy a roaring fire as soon as you step outside.

Trading wood fire for gas fire tables:

  • Gets rid of extra mess
  • Makes fires effortless start
  • You have control to start fire from inside your house
  • You don’t have to wait for flames to die down

A Fire Table Designed to Bring Together Friends and Family

Taking a note from the togetherness a campfire inspires, there’s a new take on the modern fire table area: a centrally connected focal point to outdoor/indoor walkways. A fire table central to interior spaces and outdoor recreation brings people together, enticing them to sit and join the fun by the fire. The entertaining deck at HGTV’s 2012 Dream Home is a great example. This fire table has a modern design and features four separate gas units and promises a comfortable place where friends and family can gather for a late afternoon snack or rest after a long hike in the woods.

Design to bring light and life to backyard gatherings

Here’s a new twist on a Minnesota and Wisconsin past time: gas fire tables that can be safely used on grass, patios or decks. Midwestern homeowners looking to make more use of their backyards are opting for portable models or custom pieces built on site. For Minnesotans and Wisconsinites it extends our outdoor time and spaces in the early days of spring to the late fall backyard season.

Adding Fire Tables to Commercial Spaces

Fire has been bringing us together since the beginning of time. Businesses looking to get in on the get-together are putting their own flair to this timeless trend. More and more, midwest businesses and commercial real estate are finding a big demand for outdoor fire tables. Fire tables are quickly becoming a must-have amenity for creating the right atmosphere in outdoor, meeting and entertaining areas.

To meet the latest commercial furniture trend of fire tables local fireplace stores are providing custom options, and model commercial fireplaces online, a service unheard of until recent innovations in design and shipping have made ordering and installing fire tables easier than ever. 

Supplementing Fire Tables With Exterior Illumination

What mood are you in? What if you could change the elements of your outdoor area to reflect the evening activities? Whether you’re wanting low and romantic, modern and sophisticated or hosting well-lit games of pictionary around the fire table, setting the stage with a wide range of lighting elements can create just the look you’re going for. Exterior lighting to accent your fire table helps:

  • The overall nighttime experience
  • Set the mood
  • Integrates the fireplace structure with the home and landscaping elements, year round
  • Accentuates the beauty of your outdoor fire table 

Including fire tables in holistic design for Midwest homes and gardens

Midwest homeowners are beginning to take a big-picture approach to setting up their back-yard sanctuaries. Rather than including their fire table into the yard or patio, they’re hiring landscape designers and architects who can more thoughtfully build their relaxing spaces starting from a central focal point, most commonly the element of fire, and working outward from there. New considerations for a wholistic approach to back yard sanctuary, is a fire table’s

  • Placement
  • Design
  • Entertaining area, and its orientation in that area
  • Size of the area
  • Other natural and entertainment elements to enhance the space

Uniquely midwestern design for the ultimate backyard getaway

Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners know what it means to take advantage of the outdoors. We’re seeing some unique and innovative trends popping up in our own backyard. Here’s to making the most of our homes, patios and yards this year, all year.

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